Enduro Jacket for Lowest ever Price

Enduro jacket for great and safe ride:

We have got perfect collection of jackets to keep you safe on your riding venture. Enduro jacket is like protective shell for a rider who is on off-road ride. Those who are not familiar with Enduro racing should take this simplest definition into account that “Its a kind of motorcycle sport more commonly known as mountain biking or mountain bike racing held at hilly areas, where uphill and downhill slopes, old grown forests and bubbling creeks are important elements of the track.” These rocky tracks having so many trails demand high quality riding gears. The tracks challenge rider,  bike and clothing. Along with powerful bikes riders need protective clothing too which saves them from any sudden injury and life risk as much as possible.

Our manufacturing manifesto:

We have been manufacturing and supplying riding jackets since long ago. Our ultimate goal is to come up with affordable prices for brandable items. Actually there is a mafia ruling over sport’s gear market that set rates to their own. We are not directed or enforced by any third party to set our rates. For our valueable customers we are offeringthe cheapest price they could pay.

Enduro jacket at lowest prize

Craftive’s jackets are designed to give you complete assurance in any paranormal circumstance. Protection is our first priority. There’s is a separate research department where the item under production is looked thoroughly and new design is finalized after extensive research. And this is our first step in the manufacturing process. Our riding jackets ensure your safety and serves as armor.

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The special features include;

  • Fit and perfectly sized
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Quilted lining
  • Inside pockets
  • Removal sleeves
  • Kevlar protection and CE approved padding
  • Adjusters for waistband arm collar and cuffs
  • Durability to withstand harsh riding obstacles
  • Ability to cope with weather fluctuations
  • Essential ventilation system
  • Water repellent

Additional functionalities can be added on buyers demand.

Ride with Craftive safely and risklessly