Cheap Leather Jackets 100% Pure material guaranteed

Leather jacket is always a best addition to your wardrobe and if you have one nothing can replace it. Sophistication reaches it’s peak when a guy wearing vintage style biker leather jacket prepares for 900cc 4-stroke bike. With ever increasing demand of leather products, market rates are touching the sky accordingly. And if i am not wrong! you were certainly looking for cheap leather jackets and that too of high quality pure material. But is not it hard to get both of these demands at the same time. No absolutely not! in Craftives presence you don’t need to go elsewhere in order to get your requirements met.

vintage cheap leather jackets

Vintage style bikers leather jacket

Those who think buying a simple pure leather jackets for $100 is a very good deal are living in fool’s paradise. Craftive came into market with the aim to give best price for the same items which have been greatly overpriced and sold by giants of the leather industry. Actually we need to defeat this mafia to provide our valuable clients with the best service. We here claiming the cheapest price for leather jackets without compromising on quality. The products made under our belt are world recognized and our quality matches global standard.


Price starting from $60. 


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In cheap leather jackets the word cheap does not refer to poor quality

Leather skin types:
  • Cow skin
  • Buffalo skin
  • Goat/sheep skin
  • lamb skin

Our selection ranges from motorbike leather jackets to fashion leather jackets for men, women and kids. You can always place orders for your custom styles. We can process large orders.