Craftive Apparels is the new Spens International

  As of recent meeting of Abdul Rehman Kazi (ex CEO Spens International) with leather industry leaders confirmed that Spens Intl has been matured to become Craftive Apparels     Spens International had earned good reputation in clothing industry with the introduction of new manufacturing mechanisms. The company leadership has now decided to dissolve it […]

Faux Leather Jackets for Women

No one can deny the attractiveness of PU pure leather however some fashionistas prefer faux Leather Jackets for Women and men over jackets made of pure leather. Let’s find why they rate it higher. Over the past couple of years there has been a great demand for faux leather. Now artificial leather is available in the […]

Cheap Leather Jackets 100% Pure material guaranteed

Leather jacket is always a best addition to your wardrobe and if you have one nothing can replace it. Sophistication reaches it’s peak when a guy wearing vintage style biker leather jacket prepares for 900cc 4-stroke bike. With ever increasing demand of leather products, market rates are touching the sky accordingly. And if i am […]

Enduro Jacket for Lowest ever Price

Enduro jacket for great and safe ride: We have got perfect collection of jackets to keep you safe on your riding venture. Enduro jacket is like protective shell for a rider who is on off-road ride. Those who are not familiar with Enduro racing should take this simplest definition into account that “Its a kind of motorcycle sport […]