About Us


Craftive is a distinguished Race apparel manufacturing company who has pioneered a number of innovative techniques in production process. The company has a long steady journey of its progress, came into existence back in 2008 as a local manufacturer of leather jackets and suits later on secured its position in the global market and now topping the chart.

Since establishment company has been involved in manufacturing protective clothing for motorsports and other miscellaneous sports wears. Motorcycle Racing suits, Leather jackets, Textile jackets and Motocross gear production is our primary concern. What makes us stand out in random clothing manufacturers is that we have separate research department where items under production are tested. Craftive has earned recognition from global market. We hereby ensure that customers will get the best worth for money.

We are always looking  for opportunities to work with new people around the globe and willing to make cordial business relationships with them.

Team Leader

The company is lead by highly skilled craftsman who is one of the top innovators of Pakistan. Along with extensive experience in leather goods production also well know for his achievements in IT, thus finding new innovative ways and introducing latest technology.